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3 main areas to save money on your rental - 20th Jul 2017

manukau propertyscouts *Disclaimer: not a qualified financial expert.

For those that are feeling the "Winter's pinch" this post is for you, in my experience (note the disclaimer above) I have found 3 main areas to save money on your rental. 

1) Rent appraisal: It pays to review your rent annually (to narrow down, summer is the peak of rental season) look at the market (location, size, demographic) and then look at the condition of the property. 

2) Review Tenants: By having a fixed term contract, you are keeping control of your expectations for your tenants. within 3 months decide if you want your tenants to renew their tenancy for another year (if you want to keep them, ensure that your rent reflects their loyalty)

3) Property Maintenance: This is a weird one, by spending money on small maintenance you are saving money in the long run. For example, by spending $300.00 a year cleaning the guttering & drains, you save thousands by not having blocked pipes or buildup of plants, nests etc.

Whilst they save you money, these tips can take up alot of personal time that could be better spent elsewhere, so save both money and time by utilising a company that prides themselves on getting top results, great service and transparent fees every time. 

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