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Challenge the relationship - 6th Jul 2017

Challenge the relationship What do you want out of a successful relationship with your property manager? I don't understand why so many people accept the little (or lack thereof) responsibility from their Property Manager.
I get that I am bias, I do want your business but I want it for the same reason I got into Property Management; I want you to be confident that I'm going to do a great job for you (note that I said "great" and not just "good").
I have had clients call at their wits end with the real estate company giving them yet another excuse why the rent hasn't come in. I have a common saying "Don't get a Plumber in to do an electrician's job". Loosely meaning if they are real estate agents, don't get them to manage your property and expect them to do an amazing job. (note; there are some real estate companies that have a property management department - I know some doctors that are also lawyers... doesn't mean that I'm going to ask for a trust to be set up at the same time as my blood pressure check (though that might save me some time).

There are a few things that you should ask (or at least look out for) when finding a GREAT property manager; 
* How transparent are their fees, costs, paperwork straightaway? or do they sound vauge and want to meet you first to chat?
* What are their promises? Do they promise to pay the rent if the tenant doesn't? Do they promise to get more than one quote for maintenance (or at least a reasonable quote with no added fees or mark up?)
* Zero days for arrears (this is the usual statement) how do they managed it? Do they start calling the tenant on day 1 or send a letter?
* Working hours, what time do they knock off, how does a tenant get hold of someone if there's an urgent maintenance issue?
* Can you get hold of someone? Does it take 2-3 attempts to return your calls? When you email do you get a response within 72hrs?

I became a Property Manager because I knew I could do a better job than what I was experiencing, if you are having the same issues - challenge your PM to step up and be accountable, you (as their client) deserve better and I want that for you.

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