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Guaranteed Rent & NO added fees on property maintenance - 10th Jun 2017

Property Manager, Manukau Propertyscouts, your future PM When was the last time you got a guarantee for your rental? Do you have to take the lumps if the Property Manager stuffs up or doesn't check the tenant out properly? Why is it that you have paid for a service but when it comes to the wire - you are still left holding the "rubbish bag" so to speak. At Propertyscouts we believe that guarantees are part of the package and in Manukau, I'm willing to stake my name on it - Ani Ruawhare, at your service - to bring you relaxation and fun times rather than stress, anxiety and dilemmas. I believe it takes due dilegence, hard work and more importantly clear processes & communication to be a great Property Manager. With over 20yrs in Customer Service, I have found the distinction between talking the talk & walking the walk - it's ACTION and a willingnes to get the job done right. So if you believe that you have the skills and systems to find a great tenant, offer the right price for that tenant to stay a minimum of 1year (maybe even a few years) and happy to meet the expectations of the RTA - great! If not, give me a call and let's chat! 

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