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How to be the successful applicant for a vacancy - 22nd Jun 2017

Propertyscouts Manukau, Batmobile, joyride With a little luck, we were asked to look after a gorgeous 2-beddy in Rotorua, as the name implies it was a little out of our way but I couldn't refuse. I had the Nissan Cube recently branded by the awesome team at Mastersigns in Albany, Auckland (Great price & 7 years warranty) and wanting to take it on a road trip. The day was overcast but dry, travelling along the waikato express, observing the roadworks and taking care not to speed, it was a 2.5hr trip with gorgeous views of mountains, forest & rivers. 
The Rotorua rental had alot of interest, we had many people at the viewing it was hard to pick just one family. (We have made an offer pending credit & financial conditions).
Speaking with applicants that had been to many viewings, I do have some advice; 

  • Be respectful - this should be both ways but you are being watched how you act and if you act with respect, you are seen as being respectful (definitely an advantage)
  • Have the paperwork completed - Application, photocopy of id & 2x references - this would be mandatory in all tenancies so if you have already prepared it, you will show eagerness and that's an advantage
  • Talk with the host/property manager/landlord - we don't bite and we want your opinion, this will reflect on how you approach situations, do you offer your hand, smile and introduce yourself? or do you avoid others, tiptoeing away from conversation or questions?
Lastly, all these things can put you at the top of the list, but there's still only one winner - don't take it personally, thank the advisor and keep looking, who knows? Maybe you were second and if the first option falls through or possibly they are aware of another vacancy coming up and have put your name at the top of this list.

All the best,

Ani Ruawhare

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