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Make hay while the sun shines (safely) - 5th Oct 2017

Renovations, manukau rentals There has been some discussion around Property Managers recommending maintenance, most PMs outside of Propertyscouts charge maintenance fees (either flat rate or percentage) and there's even been talk about getting kick-backs which would concern the property owner as then the message of "recommended maintenance" becomes more of an upsell rather than a solution to a problem. There is a significant conflict of interest if the PM is getting a fee for work that needs to be done, the incentive to increase the costs does not support the "behalf of the landlord" expectation. One landlord stated that instead of being charged $60 for an "O" ring replacement, the cost came to $300+ to replace the taps and then the fee on top of that which was 5% of total invoice. Whether it needed to be done is now debatable because it's obviously a hike in commision. Propertyscouts Manukau emphatically does NOT add mark-up or fees to third party invoices, we pass the invoice to you so that you know that we are transparent. We also will get you the best price possible and if you would like to use a preferred tradie (gotta love mates rates) then we will attempt to call them first.

As kiwi's we love ourselves some DIY, Diana's article rightly cautions the "renovations" phase to ensure that care and consideration goes into the job. Don't be like me and have half-finished projects all over the house... now where did I put that hammer?

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