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Spring Cleaning Time - 1st Sep 2017

Property management manukau 2 more sleeps until spring blooms
24 sleeps until daylight savings starts
Approximately 16 weeks until Christmas
And approximately 17 weeks until we say good bye to 2017.
Wow how fast this year is flying by, these numbers, although exciting are also a tad scary. If you haven’t started on your New Year’s resolution yet then now may be the time! Springtime though is mostly a positive time of year, the gardens perk up and temperatures become a lot warmer. It’s also a time when those plans that you have been making over winter about redecorating, relocating or going on holiday come closer to fruition. Hopefully your plans are taking shape!

With the change of season it's important to be reminded of certain things, Daylight savings is a good reminder for Smoke Alarms (unless you are one of our landlords where we test every inspection. Spring cleaning such as clearing out old stuff that you haven't used this year at all and looking at some maintenance checks for the upkeep and fix those bugbears that might get worse if left (cracks, sticky locks, squeeky doors etc). With Propertyscouts, we don't add fees or mark up in Property maintenance leaving more money in your pocket.

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