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Winter Maintenance - Top things to check in a rental - 18th May 2017

propertyscouts manukau, rental, guaranteed rent, management property At the risk of sounding like a broken record – poorly maintained properties attract less desirable tenants, earn less rent and over time depreciate in value.  Ensuring properties are well maintained is a no brainer. 

Some main points to consider (we do this everytime we inspect a property, which is every 3 months) :
Exterior - is it in need of painting? Gutters & windows checked for clearing
Landscape, lawns & gardens - How does it look? is there any signs of drainage issues?
Bathrooms, showers & washhouse - signs of mildew, mould or lack of ventilation?
Windows & Doors - Are they warped, in need of repair, require force to open or shut?
Smoke alarms - Tested & placed according to the RTA specifications?
Meth screening - checked and confirmed that there is no meth use?

We like to pride ourselves here at Propertyscouts Manukau on communication for both parties, tenants (so that they are happy, stay longterm and pay regularly) and property owners (so that they are happy, get paid regularly and more importantly see the benefit in choosing us as their property manager). With Guaranteed Rent it is especially important for any minor issues to be sorted so they don't turn into major issues - so I can't stress this enough, talk to us and lets sort it out as quickly as possible.

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