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What have you done lately? - 14th Sep 2017

Caramilk, Propertyscouts Manukau I was driving down the motorway and spotted a broken down red car, the thing that caught my eye was the couple (european, early 80s) were thanking the couple (pacific, mid 20s) who had stopped to help them out. I was stunned and admittedly shocked at my reaction for what it was - prejudice. 
It wasn't that a young black couple was helping an elderly white couple, it was the simple act of generousity that I haven't seen in a long time... in Auckland. The relief of the more mature gentleman happy that he wasn't going to be stranded with his wife on the side of the motorway, made me realise that there are alot of people that are automatically generous, I consider myself a helpful person. I feel like I'm helping Landlords house good quality long-term tenants for a fair and reasonable price, I also feel like I'm helping Tenants be safe, warm (& dry) in their homes. It's not a plea for a donation, sponsorship or even to use our business over others - though you should already... It's just that awareness, people around you are asking for help but maybe we are so 'busy' in our lives we are not even aware that we could help - even if it is just with our time. This year, Propertyscouts Manukau donated $300 to SPCA (and adopted a mascot), we have also offered multiple items (for free) on various "pay it forward" pages, we provide a pretty "welcome pack" for tenants that move regions and on the subject of 'gifting', I have gifted some prizes from my own coveted supply of Caramilk, jump on my Facebook page and tag in the person you would share it with - be quick, you only have until 17th September - so my question, whilst respectful, still stands - "What have you done lately?"

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